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Cirrus SR20

Cirrus Design Corporation is based in Duluth,  Minnesota. The company designs, manufactures, and markets general aviation composite aircraft, incorporating  advanced technologies that result in high levels of performance, comfort and  safety.

Cirrus SR20 N-930CD 140h TTAF 2002. Warranty until June 2004


Cirrus SR20 Standard “A”Configuration

Garmin Avionic: GNS430 colour GPS/COM/NAV, IFR approach certified GPS, CDI information or moving map screens, 25KHz or 8,33KHz freqency spacing, internal annunciation and NAV/GPS switching, GPS or NAV/ILS display on CDI, GNC250XL GPS/COM 760channel communications (25KHz spacing), GMA 340 audio panel, GTX 327 transponder, Avidyne Flight-Max 3000, EDM - Engine Monitoring System.

Autopilot S-TEC 30, Heading Track, GPS/VOR/LOC coupling with altitude hold system.

Directional gyro with heading bug, GPS/VOR/LOC/GS Indicator, True airspeed indicator, noise canceling power jacks at each seat, standby vacuum system, 3-blade-prop.

Engine: Continental IO360-ES/200hp

Performance: Takeoff distance 50’= 1958’ Landing distance 50’= 2040’                Cruise speed @75% = 160kts, stallspeed with flaps = 54kts, Max. Range = 880NM,   Max. rate of climb = 950ft/min

Weights: Max gross weight = 3000lbs, Standard empty weight = 2050lbs                    Fuel capacity = 56GAL usable(336lbs), Max. load = 950lbs

Zuladung bei vollen Tanks:   279kg, Tanks: 56Gal, 212ltr, Reichweite: 880NM

Reisegeschwindigkeit in FL80: 160kts bei 75%-Verbrauch44ltr./h,

Reisegeschwindigkeit in FL80: 146kts bei 60% - Verbrauch 38ltr./h